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Okay let’s talk nutrition and what why and ultimately how one should eat to accomplish their goals and maintain them. First and foremost if you plan on going on a diet. “Stop” how many times will you try a diet and fail  before you realize that a diet does not work. Let me describe a diet and why  they rarely work for the long term. Eating in a way and at a volume that you could never see yourself doing for the rest of your life is the major reasons diets never work. Some of the diet plans are rather silly and unmaintainable and some make perfect sense. If you’re eating in a way that you will not do for the rest of your life then you are setting yourself up for failure. As soon as you reach your goal and come off your diet most people ultimately go back to the way they were eating prior to the diet and end up putting back on the weight they lost and then some. Sound familiar? When you think nutrition, think of eating in a way you can eat for the rest of your life. Your foods, not mine or someone else’s. Think in terms of moderation with the healthiest foods that you are most likely to eat. Eat for the way you want to be. If you weigh 200 pounds and you want to weigh 140 pounds, then eat like 140 pound person would eat. Build that image in your mind of how you would eat and exercise if you were 140 pounds and start doing that now. If you do that you will reach 140 pounds and you will obviously be eating and doing what is needed to maintain that body weight and fitness. No change needed for maintenance mode just continue what you have been doing.

Doing a unmaintainable diet never lasts and every time you try one and fail you are training yourself to the idea that you can’t lose the weight because you have tried every and all diets out there and none have worked.

Here at the Body Soulution we set up our clients with a nutritional plan where we set their caloric, protein, carb, and fat levels, and the client reaches those levels using their own food choices. We never tell you what food to eat. If we did when you reach your goals and come off our plan you would go back to your old habits and either slowly or rather quickly your losses will disappear. Remember moderation is the key. A balanced and healthy approach always produces healthy results.

Dropping body fat requires that you eat at a deficit in conjunction with adding to that deficit with activity. Weight training and cardio exercise will add to your caloric deficit enabling you to lose pounds. How and what you eat and your willingness to do cardio will cause the pounds to melt off. I must warn you that if you just diet and cardio off your weight you’ll get on the scale and it will say what you wanted, but you may not look or feel the ways you had intended. You will look like a smaller stringier version of how you look before you started. Why you might ask. When we lose weight by diet and cardio only, what happens is the body will try to consume lean mass in an attempt to fill the caloric deficit. To the body   lean mass is not needed, then why keep it. The body prefers to hoard body fat at almost all costs. It’s a survival mode thing. Save the body fat for later. we don’t need this muscle so let’s consume it. To combat the effect of losing too much lean mass it is recommended that you incorporate strength training into your routine of weight loss. The more lean mass you build and/or maintain the more your body realizes it needs the muscle and is far less likely to consume it. The more active lean mass you maintain the faster and hotter your metabolism will be causing you to burn more calories just doing your daily activities. It’s a win-win situation. You will look and feel awesome and it will be much easier to maintain your goal weight. 50 pounds lost to cardio and diet alone will most likely be 30 pounds body fat and 20 pounds lean mass. The more you lose lean mass the more you slow down your metabolism. A too low-level caloric intake will virtually shut down your metabolism making it very hard to lose the weight. You should strive for optimum calories and exercise to reach your goals.

Remember this one glaring fact: you can never trump a bad diet with exercise. The gym world is full of people who do the perfect amount of strength and cardio training but never seem to reach their goals. They delude themselves into thinking that all the sweat and all the soreness caused by all the exercise will cause the body to drop weight. For most of us that is never enough. You must incorporate a strong sensible nutrition plan, think about it, one simple cookie requires about a half-hour of strong cardio to burn off. There are not enough hours in the day to exercise off the effect of a poor diet.

To reach your goals never ever lose sight of the fact that losing bodyweight is 80% nutrition. Bodies are made in the kitchen not the gym! If you are tired of the diet roller coaster ride and want to make a permanent change and feel you need help, come see us and let’s start working on the new you.

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