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The Team

Trainer Dave Trass Trainer Johanna Trass

“Do you dare dream again?”

I was just like you, an individual who was very unhappy with myself and my body. I just did not know how or even what to change.I have been where you are. I knew every self-limiting excuse, justification and outright lie that keeps us from living the life we dream about. After a lot of research, effort, trial and error, I found the answers to what works and what is just marketing hype.

My program is a fool-proof, straight-forward no B. S. methodology based on the 12 week body transformation. If you commit to doing the work, I guarantee results, no punches pulled. This program takes a lot of heart, soul, passion, effort, and self- belief. The end results are dramatic and life-changing. The question is: Do you want to step out of that suit of despair and do you want to like the reflection you see in the mirror? The end-product of this program can be high self-esteem, amazing energy and endurance. A strength level you have never experienced before, and a new zeal and zest for life.

I guarantee results! - Dave Trass