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Build The Body Of Your Dreams

Water and Dumbell

Resistance training is one of the physical aspects to weight loss. Here we address the what, why, and when of resistance training for weight loss.

First we will cover weight training and why one should include weight training into their weight loss and fitness goals. Commonly if you just diet and cardio train off your pounds and reach your weight loss goal, you will stand on the scale and it will indicate your target weight, but chances are you will look and feel like a smaller and stringier version of how you started. The reason for that is you did not incorporate weight training into your weight loss program. Your body will consume lean mass right along with body fat, in other words you will lose muscle. This does not need to be but we must add weight training to our routine to combat muscle loss while enhancing fat loss. The more lean mass we keep and maintain the faster our metabolism runs, which translates into more calories burned daily just doing everyday tasks. Conversely when we lose lean mass due to a too low calorie intake and not incorporating resistance training into our plan, we slow down our metabolism and virtually shut down our ability to lose fat.

Do not fall into the trap of less and more is better. Less food and more exercise taken to an extreme will stop your gains leaving you to wonder should I drop my calories more? The answer would be a resounding NO! To lose body fat optimally it comes down to a simple process. How and what you eat and your willingness to cardio train will create the deficit in calories needed for weight loss. A structured weight training program will keep the body focusing on body fat with minimal lean mass loss. An added benefit to weight training is that you will feel an amazing sense of strength that you may not have felt before. You will notice that sense of strength in your everyday life, grabbing groceries, opening doors, walking up stairs, most everyday tasks will feel dramatically different.

Next let’s talk about cardio training. Losing body fat is accomplished by a deficit in our available calories causing our bodies to consume body fat to fill the deficit. How and what we eat and our willingness to do cardio training will cause the deficit we are after. A cardio prescription that incorporates both long slow and short high-intensity cardio is best for weight loss.